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We, Sri Debasis Guin, Advocate High court Calcutta and Sri Subrata Poddar ,Advocate High Court Calcutta ,started our journey as an Advocate in Calcutta High Court after getting our respective names as an Advocate on the Roll of the West Bengal Bar Council in the year 1985 and started practising in the Appellate Side of the high Court ,Calcutta in Civil , Criminal ,Arbitration, Constitutional  matters initially under the Senior Advocate  Mr. Gobinda Chandra Pal ,since deceased who was an eminent Advocate of High Court , Calcutta particularly in Civil and Constitutional Matters   and also under Senior Advocate Mr. Sumit Maitra .since deceased who was also  an eminent lawyer in criminal matters practising in the high Court at Calcutta. During our practise as an Advocate in High Court Calcutta


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we have dealt with various matters both in Civil, Criminal, Arbitration, Constitutional Writ  and other matters relating to Land Acquisition Education service-related matters in High Court at Calcutta and during passage of time we gathered vast experience  day by day since our first stepping as an Advocate in the Hon’ble High Court. Calcutta. We dealt with various litigations and to provide legal services in upholding the rights of our respective client from time to time. Our dedication and enormous efforts towards our respective clients for upholding their legal right, ultimately encouraging both of us to provide  more legal information to our respective clients through digital media  for their utmost satisfaction we formed a partnership Firm under the name and style

“GEEPEE LEGAL ASSOCIATES’  with the basic object to provide legal information through our web site  with various information on particular legal issues to our clients particularly to provide legal service to the litigants who are socially backward poor needy impecunious destitute indigent poverty stricken persons for upholding their legal rights free  of cost Further to provide legal information to the litigants who will seek information on a particular issue online through our web site by our ASSOCIATES Advocates  according to their ability. Our further object to take initiative to settle and/or resolve the legal dispute between the litigants by taking recourse of the alternative Dispute Redressal Mechanism of the State.

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We are obliged to offer information relating to the  legal matters in any field to establish and/or to protect the legal rights of the litigants through our ASSOCIATES Advocate from Hon’ble Supreme Court, Calcutta High Court  ,Consumer  Forum in District, State  and National ,   and in any District Court in West Bengal  and we are expertise in the filed of law and provide proper information to the litigants and committed to uphold the legal right of the litigants in the legal matters and also to provide various legal services in property related matter real estate related matters  few of which are given below :

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